Ritically evaluate the following statemet: Genral odministrative theories are relevant to managing modern global organisations.”

The task is to research the issue contained in the essay topic, make use of current academic management journal articles (5) and then write an essay in which you apply information and knowledge of management administrative theories. Present an argument that supports and/or refutes the statement in the question. This argument is to be supported throughout the essay. This requires you to clearly state your position in your intro,support your ideas with evidence in the body of your essay, summarise your argument in your conlusion. We should identify the weaknesses, limitation and assumptions of the work from the evidence. In the response, you must consider the purpose of management theory as it relates to the nature of organisations in todays competitive business environment.
This essay must be written in the third person. Cite all references using the Harvard(author-date) method and include a reference list.