Ritically evaluate the impact of modern digital technologies

Hi there this are the instructions given by my professor : 1)Industry structure. you may wish to select a particular industry. your response should evaluate the impact of the technologies on the industry and on its business models identifying the opportunities, challenges and risks for those companies operating within it.
2) The structure of organizations. Your response should evaluate the impact of the technologies on organizational structure and processes, identifying the opportunities for increasing efficiency and competitiveness, together with the challenges and risks for those companies wishing to use digital technologies to dramatically re-structure.
Th nature of employment. Your response should evaluate the impact on both the employee and manager and the relationship between these two roles.
Guidance on the assessment:All materials must be properly referenced. Your submissions will be expected to demonstrate the following qualities: 1) answering the central focus of the assigment topics, 2) Evidence that you can use academic literature to support the points you wish to make-I recommend that three quality journal articles will be sufficient. 3)Taking ownership of the content, being prepared to debate and argue a personal position, evidences evaluative skills. A submission made up of extracts from published sources which is descriptive and just theoretical, is not acceptable. your submission must have and appreciation and consideration of the challenges and issues of taking ideas and concepts into practice( using cases and /or personal experience)4) Logical flow of ideas and treatment, imaginative approches; apropriate selection of real world factors related to the model or specific assignment topic.
5) Evidence of additional personal research, and the ability material from a variety of appropriate/ subheadings, tidiness.8)A strong conclusion. Please ensure that you reference material which you take from text books, published documents, internet etc,, in the main body of your report, at the place you use it, as well as listing the publications in an appendix. Also try to evaluate and critique this material and the experience you get from applying and using it.