Ritically evaluate the principal debates about the origins of the Cold War.

The below list of reading is use to understanding the competing interpretations of the origin of the cold war,and to explore the evidence employed to support those interpretations.
Hence, you should prepare either to establish the ways in which American policy could be regarded as contributing to the cause of the cold war; Or to examine the contribution made by Soviet policy to the onset of the Cold War. You must evaluate the merits of each claim.
References lists
1)G.Lundestad,Chapter 2: The Cold War in Europe East,West,North,South: Major Developments in IR since 1945 (London:SAGE,2005)
2)J.W.Young and J.Kent International Relations since 1945 a global history(New York,Oxford,2004)
3)US Foreign Policy by Michael Cox and Doug Stokes (new york:Oxford,2008)
4)Arthur Schlesinger,Communist Ideology, in Robert McMahon and T.Paterson, The origins of the Cold War (Houghton Mifflin:1999)

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