Ritically evaluate the progress (or otherwise) made with regard to the implementation of the Coroner and Justice Act 2009

it being asked to critically evaluate the progress of implementation; make sure your answer relates to the question and make sure it involves critical evaluation rather than mere description
need to do it as Harvard ,with references.

Here are the guidelines for coroner:
-Janet Smith inquiry
-chief coroner position
-medical examiner positiondeath tax
-Avenue for coroners appeal instead of judicial review
-codified reles for the coroner
-warrants for coroner to ascertain information
-debates in Parliament
Attorney general fiat
-look at Rule 43-changesimplications.
-give your views about CGA(coroner justice act)
-Whether thereas new languages?
-what they should be able to do and to do
-medical examiner
-the LA will to explain
-how are the public going to respond?
-how will you collect the statistic
-what you think of the reforms and how theyar work