Ritically evaluate the role of creative therapies in work with children.

This is a psychology based essay. note that from the title the essay needs to be CRITICALY EVALUATIVE through out the essay. The writer needs to talk about 2/3 different kinds of creative therapies in work with children. They then needs to briefly describe the type of therapy and support it with preious studies or cases that demonstrate the therapies effectivness. The writer is also required to compare the therapies that he or she is talking about to other types of creative therapies in work with children. The creative therapies can be art therapy, role play therapy e.t.c FOR EXAMPLE: when the writer is talkin about art therapy he or she will breifly describe art therapy supporting it with previous cases or studies and then evaluating it critcally saying its strong points or weak points such as art therapy allows children to get their view point across as they are not as verbally active as adults and therefore by allowing them to draw their thoughts makes it easier to communicate their view point (the work needs to be along these lines)

One of the three therapies that i would like the writer to discuss is ART THERAPY. The rest is up to the writer what he or she maybe comfortable with, but they must remember to be evaluative throughout the essay and back points up with evidence and most importantly refer back to the question.

The essay requires an introduction where the writer needs to breifly talk about creative therapies in general and then clearly state what the essay will intend to talk about.
As part of the creative modalities, play therapy offers a therapeutic mode for diagnosis, assessment, and treatment interventions. The purpose of this paper is to critically review three types of creative therapy interventions: art therapy (and the other two therapies which is up to the writer)

After the introduction the main body needs to be presented and then finally a conclusion to briefly highlight the key arguments that were mentioned in the main body of the essay. (PLEASE LOOK AT ATTACHED INSTRUCTIONSITS THE MARKING CRITERIA)
format for referencing needs to be APA

suggested books that may be of use:

Creative Therapy: Activities with Children and Adolescents (Paperback)
by Angela Hobday (Author), Kate Ollier (Author)

Solution-Focused Therapy with Children: Harnessing Family Strengths for Systemic Change (Paperback)by Matthew D. Selekman (Author)

Counselling Children: A Practical Introduction (Paperback)
by Kathryn Geldard and David Geldard (Author)

LR Burleigh, LE Beutler The Arts in Psychotherapy, 1996 Elsevier

Critical Review of Play Therapy Assessments.
By Brooke, Stephanie L.

International Journal of Play Therapy. Vol 13(2),2004, 119-142.

Breaking the silence: art therapy with children from violent homes
By Cathy A. Malchiodi