Ritically evaluate the role of physical activity in preventing lifestyle related diseases such as obesity, CVD and type 2 diabetes.

Assignment Criteria for this Assignment are:

judicious selection of relevant literature
explanations, knowledge and understanding of area
effectiveness of literature critique
ability to conclude and pull together ideas
ability to synthesise ideas for future research
You are required to write an essay that evaluates the value of physical activity in preventing cardio-metabolic diseases obesity, CVD and type 2 diabetes. You should aim to encompass the 3 chronic diseases stated above. You are expected to use original peer-reviewed research literature (journal articles) as the basis of your critical discussion, in order that you may present evidence from particular studies that have reported that physical activity of a specific intensity, frequency and duration is/is not beneficial for disease prevention.

Adrienne Hardman book on Exercise and Health (SWL) is as electronic version