Ritically evaluate the role played by phronesis in Aristotleas political theory.

This is a History of Political Thoughtessay, you must use at least one Aristotles book for reference.

The essay is around 2000-2500 words. (Word limit is strictly control)

You must choose one or more resources from below list:

Adkins, AWH, The Connection between Aristotles Ethics and Politics, Political Theory, 12 (1984)
Bluhm, WT, The place of the polity in Aristotles theory of the ideal state, Journal of Politics, 24 (1962)
Booth, WJ, Politics and the Household: a commentary on Aristotles Politics, History of Political Thought 2 (1981)
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Nichols, MP, The Good Life, Slavery and Acquisition: Aristotles Introduction to Politics Interpretation, 11 (1982-83)
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Schollmeier, P, The democracy most in accordance with equality, History of Political Thought, 9 (1988)
Yack, B, A reinterpretation of Aristotles Political Teleology, History of Political Thought, 12 (1991)

You also can use resources that you think it helps you to explain.