Ritically evaluate the shift from welfare to contractual / resource management and its impact on housing services delivery.

” An identification and assessment of the political(Conservative housing policy under thahtcher)(Blair policy on housing)(efficeiny agenda(legislative impact Right to buy etc)), economic(globalsiation,US capatalism etc)(private sector values) and social factors(changing demogarphics-sinlge families etc) that have precipitated such changes for social housing organisations. You will need to include a literature review exploring the debates around the shift in focus.
” An outline and appraisal of the impact of such changes on housing organisations and their structures(merger demerger centalisation etc)(compulsory competivemenss tendering best value etc).
” A critical assessment of the implications of moving from needs based access to  welfare services to a business-orientated approach.
” A full bibliography and references
Page of refernces
Bibliography if poss
body include lit review