Ritically evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and partialities of the neo-functionalist approach to managing knowledge in the workplace.

Module Assessment: General Criteria
Knowledge of the module materials

Ability to apply that material

Ability to answer a question as set

Ability to write a reasoned, structured and well-supported argument

Academic books and journal articles:
search e-library using key words
glance through recent issues of relevant journals
Look at references used by books and articles you already have a a?snowballa approach

Beware of a?unreliablea web sources.

Organising and Writing 1: Your Introduction
A signpost to where the assignment is heading a by presenting the central theme and approach

Give brief background on the topic to be discussed

Explain how the title may be interpreted a and the way this has shaped your answer / approach

Give reasons for answering the question in a particular way, and not in another

Organising and Writing 2: Developing Your Argument

Clear sense of purpose and direction?

A central idea (a?threada), with evidence / reasons to support it, runs through your assignment?

The various sections / paragraphs are clearly connected together a is a case being built up during your assignment?

Organising and Writing 3: Your Conclusion
Give a sense of a?an endinga or a a?bringing togethera of the a?threadsa of your argument

Refer back to question and demonstrate that it has been addressed

Show that you have done what you set out / proposed to do

Put forward your point of view / conclusions in light of the evidence and arguments you have presented