Ritically evaluate the success of the Children Act 1989 in protecting children s rights.

I am in need of a first class standard essay to compare against my own on the above essay title. A critical and in depth analysis of the Children Act 1989 and wether it has succeeded in protecting childrens rights with reference to relevant case law and scholarly journals and textbooks. A brief outline of the future outcome of the act would also be appreciated.

Word count includes the footnotes.
Recommneded for title:
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Herring J. (2007) Family Law, 3rd edition, Pearson Longman.

Standley K. (2006) Family Law, 5th edition, Palgrave Macmillan Law Masters.

Diduck A. and Kaganas F. (2006) Family Law, Gender and the State, Hart Publishing.

Additional books if possible.
Diduck A. and O Donovan K. (2006) (editors) Feminist Perspectives on Family Law, Routledge Cavendish.

Fortin J. (2005) Children s Rights and the Developing Law, 2nd edition, Cambridge University Press.

Franklin B. (2005) (editor) The New Handbook of Children s Rights, Routledge.