Ritically evaluate the UK legislative response in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

Examples of UK terror prior to 9/11 from 1970s to 2000s:
1971 12 January: Two bombs explode at the house of government minister 1971 31 October: A bomb explodes in the Post Offcie Tower causing extensive damage but no injuries. The “Kilburn Battalionof the IRA claimed responsibility for the explosion.]
a?1972 22 February: The Aldershot Bombing
a?1972 19 September: letter bomb to the Israeli embassy in London killing an Israeli diplomat.
a?1973 10 September: The Provisional IRA set off bombs at Londons stations injuring 21 people.
a?1974 4 February: Eight Soldiers and 4 civilians are killed by the Provisional IRA.
a?1974 17 June: The Provisional IRA plant a bomb which explodes at theHouses of Parliament 1974 5 October: Guliford Pub
a?1974 22 October: A bomb planted by the Provisional IRA explodes in London
a?1974 21 November: The Birmingham pub bombings
a?1974 18 December: Bomb planted by IRA in the run up to Christmas in one of Bristols most popular shopping districts explodes injuring 17 people.
a?1978 December 17: Another bomb planted by the IRA aimed at the Christmas shoppers in Bristol takes out the department store Maggs injuring seven people.
a?1979 30 March: Airey Neave killed
1980 30 April: The The Iranina Embassy
a?1982 20 July: The Hyde Park.
a?1982 30 November: A group called the Ani,al Roghts Militia
a?1983 17 December: Harrods Bombing.
a?1984 12 October: Grand Hotel Bombing.
a?1988 21 December: Pan am Flight 103.
a?1989 22 September: Deal Barraks
a?1990 16 May: Wembley.
a?1990 1 June: Lichfield
a?1990 20 July: London Stiock exchange
a?1990 30 July: Ian Gow.
a?1991 7 February: Downing Street.
a?1991 18 February: Victoria Station.
a?1992 28 February 1992: London Bridge.
a?1992 10 April: Baltic Exchange
a?1992 25 August: Shresbury.
a?1992 12 October: Covent Garden.
1992 16 November: Canary Wharf.
a?1992 3 December: Manchester]
a?1993 20 March: Warrington attacks
a?1993 24 April: Bishopsgate
a?1996 9 February 1996: Docklands Bombing
a?1996 15 June: The Manchester Bombing.
a?1996 15 February: telephone box bombing
a?1996 18 February: Aldwych.
a?1997 March: Wilmslow.
a?1999 17 April, 24 April, 30 April: David Copeland.

2000 1 June: Hammersmith Bridge, London
a?2000 20 September: SIS building
a?2001 4 March: BBC bombing.
a?2001 16 April: Hendon post office bombed by the Real IRA.
a?2001 6 May: London postal sorting office.
a?2001 3 August: Ealing
a?2001 4 November: Birmingham
a?2005 7 July: The London Bombings conducted by four separate Islamist extremist suicide bombers, killing 56 people and injuring 700.
a?2007 January February: Letter bombs
a?2007 30 June: Glasgow Airport.
a?2008 22 May: Exeter Bombing

Types of terrorism and the UK.
a?History of terrorism in the UK.
a?Significant examples of terrorism in the UK.
a?Intelligence response
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