Ritically evaluate the use BUDGETS in management control systems ( Module: Financial Control in Management Control Systems )

MODULE: Financial Control in Management Control Systems

Assignment: Decision Making and Budgeting

 Most organisations recognize budgets as a key element in their management control systems, but the usefulness of budgets has generated much recent discussion anddebate. Though budgets are useful for coordination, communication, and performance evaluation, many people consider them die cause of gaming and earnings manipulationby managers, time-consuming and costly to develop, and abarrier to change. (Libby andMurray, 2007,p.46)


Demonstrate professional skills in research, presentation and communication with full references and an approriated bibliography.
All literature sources that you refer for the assignment must be included in a bibliography which should appear at the end of the assignment must be fully referenced using the HARVARD SYSTEM.

It is expected that bibliography will contain 10 to 15 sources including Academic journals, professional journals and academic books.

ACADEMIC BOOKS MUST be included in the references:
1) Weetman, P. FINANCIAL and MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING An Introduction, (4th edith), Prentice Hall.
2) Drury, C. (2001) MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING FOR BUSINESS DECISIONS, (2nd edn), London, Thomson Learning.(Download Chapter 11 from http;//T. (1987) ACCOUNTING CONTROL AND ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR”, Heinemann.

ACADEMIC JOURNALS MUST be included in the references:
1)Wallander, J. BUDGERING-AN UNNECESSARY EVIL”, Scandinavian Journal of Manager, 15 (1999) pp 405-421