Ritically evaluate the use of non-probability samples in management research. In what circumstances should non-probability sample be used?

This essay should include:
1.A brief definition of non-probability samples and probability samples 2.A discussion of the main benefits and limitations of using non-probability samples
3.A critical discussion of when and where non-probability samples are most appropriate and why.This should include a discussion of the use of non-probability samples in both academic and professional research. 4.Implications of using non-probability samples for research design and presentation of findings.

The general assignment advice:
1.This essay should include recommended reading and there is also an expectation that you will undertake further literature review and reading.(i will show you the reading list in below, please referencing from the reading list, thanks!)
2.Avoid being overly descriptive. It is good practice to briefly outline and describe key concepts and definitions, but the priority in this essay is to undertake a critical evaluation.
3.Consider using examples to illustrate your arguments. Examples might include case studies, and examples from published research papers. Make sure these examples are fully referenced.
4.Stick to the word limit, it does not include references or direct quotes. 5.This is an essay assignment.Use headings and sub-headings sparingly, and do not write your answer in report format.

Reading resources:
1.Buckingham, Alan and Peter Saunders (2008) The Survey Methods Workbook, Cambridge, Polity Press. (Chapters 1-5)
2.Bryman, Alan and Emma Bell (2011) Business Research Methods, 3rd Edition, Oxford Univeristy Press. uk/orc/brymanbrm3e
3.Lee, N. & Lings, I. (2008) Doing business research. London:Sage.
4.Oakshott,L. (2009) Essential Quantitative Methods for Business, Mangement and Finance. 4th Edition. Palgrave Macmillan.

Of course, you are free to referencing from the resources that you found but please stick with the topic! Many thanks!