Ritically evaluate the use of qualitative methodologies within the social sciences. Include examples of social science research in your answer.

This piece of work is designed to demonstrate the following learning outcomes:
a? Knowledge of the strengths and limitations of different methodological approaches.
a? The ability to identify and evaluate different research techniques.
a? The ability to discuss and evaluate research findings.
a? The ability to present theoretically informed discussions.

What to Include
a? A well structured and coherent argument
a? Discussion of the key issues related to the question
a? Demonstration of in depth thinking about the topic in relation to the overall themes of the course
a? Interpretation and thoughtful discussion of the material you present
a? Demonstration of wide reading
a? Complete referencing of sources throughout, preferably following the Harvard format, including a full reference list at the end of the piece.

What to Avoid

a? Submitting an assignment that is significantly under or over the prescribed word limit
a? Description without any analysis or interpretation
a? Including irrelevant material in relation to the question
a? Out of date, inappropriate or unreliable sources of information
a? Giving personal opinions without justifying them with reference to evidence