Ritically evaluate the view that Taylorism and Fordism have been replaced by post-Fordism as the means of organizing work in a capitalist society.


1) Introduction to the topic that covers all areas (Post-Fordism suggests that Fordism has gone, arguments and short summary of the essay)
2) In order to asses& this essay will look at&

different points of view, thinkers as Anna Pollert, Piore and Sable, others
1) Define fordism and examples, define Taylorism and examples
2) Transition to post-Fordism (WHY?); Define post-Fordism and examples
3) Do we have post fordism only? Does fordism still exist, if so, where? Do we have neo fordism, if so where?
4) Discuss: Has it been replaced?


1) Answer: Has Fordism and Taylorism been replaced? If it has  how has it? If it hasn t  how much is left? Is it a combination of both?
2) Quote that supports the answer and then comment.


” Have a clear essay structure with effective paragraphing;
” The essay must not be one-sided; a discussion has more than one point of view and in conclusion one should be chosen;
” Use real examples and explain them in your text.
” Have a high standard of referencing throughout the essay, minimum 6 and it shouldnt be taken from the internet, books are important;
” Have a reference list (in the order of references in the essay);
” Have a bibliography (in alphabetical order);
Harward system