Rito-Lay, Inc: Sun ChipsTM Multigrain Snacks

Develop a brief Executive Summary of the situation and key issues regarding the case. In your summary, stick to the facts and do not linger on minor issues. Distinguish clearly between causes and effects. Make sure that you analyze and discuss all important aspects of the case.

In addition to the Executive Summary of the issues, completely answer the following four questions regarding the Frito-Lay case:
1. What is your assessment of the market for Frito-Lays Sun ChipsTM Multigrain Snacks?
2. What is the likely reaction to the Sun ChipsTM Multigrain Snacks by retailers and the general public?
3. What marketing program would you recommend for Sun ChipsTM Multigrain Snacks? For this question, develop a marketing plan outline highlighting the key points of your recommendation.
4. Using your proposed Sun ChipsTM Multigrain Snacks marketing program, what are the financial outcomes you project for the first three years? For this question, develop quarterly 3-year income and cash-flow projections for your Sun ChipsTM Multigrain Snacks marketing program.

Prepare a 750-1,000 word case analysis. Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines. An abstract is not required.