Ritrean immigrants and refugees in the U.S.

Essay topic: Eritrean immigrants and refugees in the U.S.


1. Write a 5 typed pages essay: 2 pages introduction, 2 pages body, and 1 page conclusion.

2. Use APA and cite 2 recent ACADEMIC JOURNAL ARTICLES. Do not use tourist books, travel websites, blogs, forums, wikis, or anything written by a non-professional. Include a reference list page.

3. The essay must be written as a detailed paragraph Essay format Not as a question-answer pattern.

Section 1: Introduction 2 pages as follow:

A very detailed in-depth overview of the Eritrean country and culture by discussing the following:

1. Social, and linguistic background.

2. Religious, historical/political

3. Economic and educational aspects.

Section 2: 2 pages as follow:

In details discuss the following:

Stressors that forced Eritrean people to immigrate to America.

Time line of journey to US; major adjustments, challenges, successes, support group.

Section 3: Conclusion 1 page as follow:

In details discuss:

What you learned from researching the Eritrean culture, and your experience in conducting the overall mini-ethnographic essay.

How did this experience personally affect you: what are your perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and insights.