Rive train, motor, control systems ( help in writing some pages on these parts and relate them to my simple design )

Im taking a senior design class and Im building my own electrical skate board. I just wanna 2 pages speaking about some components and relate them to my design (to put them in my paper) with making some calculations if possible, FreeBodyDiagrams and wordings parts in matter of Why we need this componentand How it gonna help our boardand so on.

The components I need your help with are:
( you can choose 2 of them to speak about (one page each), and feel free to talk about the 3rd one and Ill pay extra for a page)

1) drive train:
— some analysis (if possible) + FreeBodyDiagram + a brief description (what is it? why we need it? how it gonna work? & any other important stuff) Feel free to change any part of the design”.

2) Motor:
— Power analysis and equation with results + FreeBodyDiagram + a brief description (why we need it, how it gonna work & any other important stuff)

3) controllers :
— description (what is it? why we need it? how it gonna work? & any other important stuff)
— Regeneration techniques (not in details) -if possible-
— weight sensors

Specific requirements:
My main point is to have:
1) FreeBodyDiagrams
2) equations and results
3) a wording part

It something like an advanced mechanical problems!

to give you an idea about how our the board is working, Ill upload:
a) our proposal
b) our midterm presentation
c) our poster
Also, There is a similar board in the market that called ZBoard Electric Skateboards”.

Please make sure to write the wordings part with a BASICand SIMPLEenglish since Im an international student.