Rivers influencing changes to the supply chain management

Lysons and Farrington (2006) propose that at least three drivers have influenced, and are influencing changes to the purchasing function. Using the questions provided, explain how globalisation, management philosophy and technology, have influenced the strategic awareness of supply and supplier management within companies.

Using a case company of your own choice;
a) Suggest how globalisation might have driven changes within the supply management function of your selected organisation (25% weighting)
b) Identify at least one management philosophy and find evidence to support this with your selected organisation and suggest how it might impact the changing role of the purchasing and supply management function. (25% weighting)
c) Focusing on one specific technology or software application and, linked to globalisation and management philosophy, how could the Information Technology (IT) support the purchasing and supply management to become strategically important within the organisation? (50% weighting)

Present your findings in a report format

Suggested Structure

a? Introduction(250 words)
a? Literature Findings and Analysis(1800 words)
a? Applying To Case Company(1600 words)
a? Recommendations/Conclusions(350 words)
a? References(not in word count)

Suggested Industries of The Sample Company

Electronic Industry (No Apple and Dell)
Auto-making Industry (No BMW)
Grocery (Avoid Tesco and Amazon)