Rivers License issue for undocumented residents

Objectives of Research Paper:
write a research paper for this course that focuses on a defined policy or issue area concerning Latinos in the U.S. You can choose a topic from the list below or submit your own for instructor approval. Your approach to the issue you choose should always relate to its effect on Latino political empowerment in the U.S.

The objectives of the paper are to:
-integrate course content with a topic that relates to the Latino experience with U.S. government and/or politics
-develop a paper that demonstrate the ability to define a topic, compare a topic statement, and support the thesis.
-identify, evaluate and cite appropriate sources.
-build library and online research skills
-demonstrate mastery of college-level writing mechanics, such as grammar and spelling.

Components of Research Paper
Your paper must include the following:
-History of the policy and review of the law, issue, act or policy;
-Arguments, pro and con surrounding the issue;
-Impact of the policy/law/ issue on specific Latino communities;
-Ramifications of this policy or law on the Latino population generally
-Current and anticipated future status of the policy

Format for Research Paper
-Basic college-level writing skills are required.
Papers should include tightly edited paragraphs with topic sentences as the first or last lines.
*The body of the paragraph must support and develop the topic sentence.
*Paragraphs should follow one another in logical order and be connected with smooth transitions.
Shorter active voiced sentences are often more effective than (i.e., clear and concise) than long, complicated, passive voiced sentences.
Diction is important. Your word choices should be correct, clear, and effective
-Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
Information, ideas and facts that are not your original contributions to the world of knowledge must be cited in appropriate style and format. Papers are checked for originality through turnitin.com
-Paper Format:
*Final papers are 8 to 10 pages in length. Double-spaced, with a title sheet and bibliography page.
*Text: Font & Size: a 12 pt font, preferably Arial, New York, Times, Palatino or similar.(Please, no 16pt Olde English)
*Margins: In terms of spacing, use 1 inch margins on the top, bottom and sides and double-spacing between sentences.
*Cover sheet and header information. Your cover sheet should include your:
research paper title,
first and last name,
phone number,
class, section and date.
-You should also type your title, name and date in a header on each page, if possible. Pages MUST be numbered and the whole paper must be stapled in the top left-hand corner.
All papers must include some type of citation method (endnote or footnotes) and a bibliography. You may use whatever method you are most comfortable with and suits your topic. Usually students choose MLA. Check the First Draft Assignment for more info on citation methods.
For faster grading, email a copy of your final paper as a .rtf or as a .pdf

Papers that do not comply with the above requirements will be returned without a grade. Don t risk your final grade by not complying with these minimal requirements.

Requirements for Research Paper for Spring 2007

Topic: {Deadline: February 23, 2007} 15 points
This part is very easy, post a topic idea you are interested in pursuing for your research paper in the Research Paper Group page Discussion Forum. Think about topics that are of interest to you based on your major, other classes you are taking, career interest, etc. I will comment on your ideas and give you suggestions for developing a topic into an appropriate thesis for this course.

Thesis Development: {Deadline: March 17, 2007} 20 points
Thesis development is when you take the idea for a subject and turn it into a Contractbetween you and the reader. You will tell the reader what your subject and conclusion is and why you arrived at that conclusion. The thesis must be in the form of a Becauseclause as in:
The Chicano Movement created the opportunity for political organizing by all Latinos in the United States BECAUSE organizational foundations were set in place at that point; despite differences among groups there are significant interests that cut across all groups and, lastly, the constitutional ideals engaged by this Civil Rights struggle are still cogent to this day.
Your thesis may change somewhat by your final draft, but you need to start somewhere.

Bibliography & Outline: {Deadline: April 7, 2007} 35 points
Your bibliography should include at least 5 resources to cite as you develop your research paper. You may not end up using some of your bibliography, but youll be demonstrating to the instructor, that you are developing a preliminary understanding of your thesis subject. Your bibliographic citations should comply with this criteria:
encyclopedia or dictionary citation: (no more than 1 citation)
internet resources (no more than 3 citations)
official documents, primary sources (unlimited
database journal or periodical articles (unlimited)
books (unlimited)
You may use either the MLA or APA citation conventions, but once you have chosen you need to be consistent.
The SFSU Library has online resources for developing Research Papers including Information Competency training
First Draft: {Deadline: April 20, 2007 } 40 points
Dont forget to use spell check and grammar check in your word processor to catch minor problems that detract from your overall paper. Use a Dictionary to check definitions of words that you may not be familiar with in the Dictionary and a Thesaurus to find just the right word.
Peer Edit: {Deadline: April 26, 2007} 40 points
You will choose a copy of a classmates paper for a peer edit along with a checklist sheet. Students will review each others papers for clarity, diction, grammar and spelling. The deadline for turning in your classmate s paper with the checklist is May 2, 2007. Peer editors will summarize their comments in a short posting in the group forum. Based on the feedback you receive, you can revise and edit your paper and turn in your perfected final version on May 12, 2007. Students writing on the same or similar topics should exchange with each other to the extent possible. Please, only one peer edit per paper. In other words, once someone chooses your paper to peer edit, that person needs to notify the author immediately so 25 students dont edit one or two papers.
Final Paper: {Deadline: May 12, 2007} 150 points
A hard copy of your paper should be turned into my office in EP 111B on or before May 12, 2007 in class. Unexcused late papers will not be graded.
For faster grading, send a copy of your paper by email as an .rtf or .pdf. (This is in addition to the required hard copy.)