RM: the basic framework and its motivation

As technology evolved and internet enabled the overcoming of geographical boundaries, the need for mechanisms that protect the interests of authors of digital media started to proliferate. This was primarily because of the widespread migration from hard and analogues material to digital media and the even wider exposure to exploits that take advantage of the efforts made by owners of digital material to make financial gain. The advent of the home computer coupled with recordable digital media and digital media recorders for the consumer field proliferated the spree of exploits of digital media. Tools like DeCSS and sophisticated CD/DVD rippers as well as Internet/P2P sites made the spreading of free digital material easier hence booming piracy. This was a further catalyst for music, film and even software industries to make pressure for the creation of technological mechanisms, in addition to more stringent enforcement of the laws, that safeguard intellectual property and their rights for compensation and royalties on their work (Layton, 2006). High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) and, Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) were amongst some of the initiatives aimed at countering illegal use and reproduction of copyrighted material.”

What do you think is the basic frame work in DRM? Do you expect this to be politically motivated? Research and discuss