Rming the police: should the British police be routinely armed?

Criminology Report:

The brief provided to me-
The purpose of the project is to give you an opportunity to research independently and in greater depth an important area of contemporary policing of interest to you, and to present your findings as an evidence-based report. You should give your project a title that flags up the content and context for your reader.

The project structure should follow the template below:
a? Contents list a All good reports identify the sections and allocate pages to the key headings and sub-sections of the report
a? Executive summary a a short summary of the parameters and findings of your report (best written last!)
a? Introduction a introduce the chosen topic and your own a?takea on it
a? Literature review a a review of relevant background academic and practitioner literature relevant to the topic (situate the topic in historical and theoretical contexts)
a? Analysis and discussion a detailed examination of the topic itself with properly referenced supporting evidence
a? Conclusion (including any recommendations)
a? References (cite systematically using Harvard referencing system)
a? Appendices (but use sparingly!)

There are useful resources and references here:

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(very comprehensive, authoritative and up to date coverage of most aspects of contemporary policing a highly recommended)
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