Rmy of One Marketing Campaign Marketing Product that failed or did not achieve its goals & objectives.

This is a research paper on Marketing screw-ups. I chose the Army of OneCampaign which is now Army Strongbecause it was incongruent with a team concept such as is the Military.

Must include:

Executive summary
APA Style
Foot Notes and sources
At least 10 pages
Double Space (12 font, 1 margins)
No less than 8 sources
Have organized sections

Situation Analysis (SWOT) as is applicable do an internal/external analysis. You will have to make certain assumptions as pertains to subject, i.e. economy , population, competition, etc.

Internally Strengths and weaknesses
fianacial capabilities
Internal Structure
Research & Development
Production Capabilites
Corporate Structure
Existing Product Line

Externally Opportunities & Threats
Thnings in the environment that might have affected Product
Look at the time frame in which product was launched
Society & culture
Legal Environment
Changes iin technology that might have affected it.

Look at their Marketing mix

Recommendations & Conclusions
Should be at least a page
Personal or Subjective
or marketing Suggestions/Recommendations