Rnest hemingway, The old man and the Sea

Would love an A paper... the point system will be at the bottom.

This session you will write an annotated bibliography, which is a references list in APA that includes an annotation, that is, a summary and an evaluation for each entry. The purpose of making an annotated bibliography is not only to gather sources for a project, but also to learn more about your subject matter and to consider how different authors approach the same subject. It also allows you to hone your critical thinking skills, as you must consider how well each author expresses and supports his or her ideas. The bibliography must focus on an author you have chosen to read and his or her critics.

Choose a contemporary author, whose work has been published after 1950. Follow your personal taste in this choice, but also search a library and a library database for suitable material (critical articles about the respective author). A favorite author may not have attracted critical attention, and it is good to make sure form the start that you will be able to find the critical sources. You need not read the authoras whole work: one book will be sufficient, whether a volume of poetry, a play, a volume of short stories, or a short novel. You will also need to read five scholarly articles and/or book chapters about the work/author.

The bibliography consists of one or two introductory paragraphs and the titles and annotations (summary and evaluation) of all critical sources in alphabetical order. As you summarize the critical articles and/or books, pay particular attention to the ways in which critics use the terms we have learned in this course and the they way approach the study of the literary work. In so far as it is possible, mention the common points of the various critical works and establish your own position among them. Your position should be fully explained in the introductory paragraph.

There are three required steps in the process:

( I did step 1 and 2)
Step 3 a Write your introduction, cite and annotate the sources, and submit the Annotated Bibliography Week 7 (200 points)
Minimum number of sources: six (one primary and five critical)

See Syllabus/Due Dates for Assignments & Examsfor due date information.


Select an author whose work was published after 1950.
Research library catalog and databases for works about the author (five articles and/or book chapters required).
Read one work of the author (a collection of poems, a collection of short stories, a play, or one short novel).
Read the work and then the articles/book chapters about the author.
Write summaries of articles for annotations.
Format bibliography using the APA Style.
Insert annotations after each respective entry.

Quality of Introductory Paragraphs 70 35% Paragraph introduces the author and evaluates his/her work. It demonstrates knowledge of the work read and positions the writeras views among the critical arguments from the secondary sources. Writing is smooth and mature, showing mastery of argument.
Documentation & Formatting 40 20% All sources are credible and current. All sources relate to thesis (in introductory paragraph a see sample). No fan sites, no sites promoting author. Rich in high level criticism.
Organization & Cohesiveness of Annotations 70 35% Strong critical reading of each source shown through thoughtful, accurate discussion of its value in relation to thesis. Entries are a?paragrapha?-length and complete. Writing is smooth and mature, showing mastery of argument.
APA Style and Grammar 20 10% Project is virtually error free and the APA style is correct.
Total 200 100% A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.