Rnest Ludwig Kirchner,  Head of Albert Muller

The work should be from either the 20th or 21st Centuries.
The work you choose should have some contemporary cultural or artistic significance.
It could be:
” From an exhibition of contemporary art or from a collection of modern art  a painting, sculpture, video, photograph or it could be an installation or site specific work.
” A group of contemporary artefacts  these could include domestic utensils, furniture, items in public use such as street furniture etc.
” A contemporary space that could be either public or private.
” An example of visual communication, such as an advertising campaign, a television commercial, public information campaign an interactive

Describe the work in detail explaining how and why the piece came to be made saying something about the artist or designer who designed or made it. Discuss its position in its immediate art and/or design context, referring to other associated artists and to any relevant movement or ideas that may be associated with it.

(Avoid lengthy biographical details about the artist(s) but do write about the interests, intentions of the artist/designer in respect of the piece you have selected).

Much of what you write should be an account that explains and gives an insight into the piece under discussion but you should also aim to make some critical assessment or evaluation of the piece and you may want to refer to qualities or ideas that characterise it as either  modernist or  postmodernist .

Making a critical evaluation can be challenging and your success at doing so will depend on the understanding you have gained from researching relevant material.

The essay should be word-processed and should include bibliographies and all quotations and references should be acknowledged in numbered footnotes.

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