Rnext Hemingways the old man and the sea

On Page 103 of the novel, Santiago says A man can be destroyed but not defeatedWhat does the statement mean? Did Santiago fail or succeed in your opinion? what do his failures/ or success represent? what is the struggle of the fish?

minimum of 3 quotes from the novel. Must have parenthetical citations and a works cited page. 2 pages is not needed , only need 5 paragraphs.

I must have cited 3 things from the any of the articles below, if you cannot find these online (which with a basic database search you should) and I cant end up scanning them to send, I will just edit the paper and add them in some how, not a huge problem. articles to be cited are below, not all need to be cited, but in some instance, 3 cites from any or all 3 from the same one.
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