Rom an economic perspective, why is Microsoft so successful?

? Paper is between 1600 and 1800 words (not including title page or bibliography)
? Paper is written in 3rd person format
? Paper has a i??Turnitini?? index analysis between 15-30%
? Paper is printed on plain white photo-copy quality paper i?? no special paper
? Title page with studenti??s name, professori??s name, course section and paperi?? title i?? no graphics
? Paper is stapled in top left hand corner with NO report covers or binders
? Introductory paragraph includes thesis question, numbering of the three or four included arguments and short
concluding sentence on findings.
? Two versions submitted: one into the FOL dropbox and the other into the physical dropbox outside B2025
? Proper APA referencing style used
? All numbered facts and figures used properly cited
? All i??Connectionsi?? of course theory and practical applications underlined
? Paper written in 12 pt Times New Roman font
? Double-spaced with either extra line or indentation used between paragraphs
? Bibliography or Works Cited page attached as an appendix to the paper
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? You attached this instruction sheet to your paper