Rom an economists point of view do cigarette tax hikes, and public smoking bans in the United States lower cigarette smokers?

Issues to address:

Do cigarette taxes have the desired effect of reducing the demand for cigarettes?
Do increases in cigarette taxes have any other effects?
Do public smoking bans reduce the demand for cigarettes?
Do public smoking bans have any other effects?
What are the distributional effects of cigarette taxes? Who pays for the bulk of the taxes: richer citizens or poorer citizens?
What do governments spend cigarette tax revenues on? How much of the tax collected goes to programs designed to help people to stop smoking? How much of it goes to increased health care costs due to smoking?

A substantial amount of data and research will be needed. I will send you
as much literature as I can to help. This paper must be written from an Economists prospective. Only academic literature from economists regarding this topic will be considered valid references.
Empirical and economical analysis is required. Must talk about what has been said about the topic and present the proper data that supports what is being said.