Rom Imitation to Innovation Zongshen Industrial Group

1. How did Zongshen acquire the capabilities to produce motorcycles? Has it moved from imitator to innovator in gasoline powered motorcycles?
2. Refering to the Four Foundations, which ones are creating the most challenges for Zongshen and Zuo?
3. What do you think of their a?blue oceana? strategy for the Cyclone products? How might the Yellow Tail wine case help Zuo think about this?
4. Why are e-bikes a challenge for Zongshen?
5. How would you advise Zuo on building talent for the company?
6. If you were a product manager at Honda or Yamahahow would you formulate a strategy to compete with Zongshen, etc. in the Chinese market?
7. If you were a San Francisco startup ebike company, how would you view an early stage investment (Series A) by Zongshen? What would concern you? How might you manage such concerns?