Rom local to global: Cross-cultural adaptation at Ainsley Accountrements

The individual written assignment will involve the submission of a 1500 word academic report/essay that attempts to link theory with practice. This assignment is based on a case study which will be distributed in class. Students will be required to provide an introduction to the assignment, answer three questions and finish with a conclusion. The questions that need to be addressed are as follows:

1. Drawing on your knowledge of cross-cultural theories, what does this case study tell you about the difficulties of establishing international operations?
2. Explain and analyse the key cross-cultural problems that Robert is having in managing the workforce in China. You should identify any factors which may be causing misunderstandings and discuss the ways in which potential conflict could be avoided or minimised.
3. As a Cross-Cultural Consultant, identify the problems being experienced by Sharon and discuss what could have been done to minimise her difficulties. You will need to research and draw on your knowledge of coaching and mentoring in cross-cultural situations.

Students will need to demonstrate evidence of further reading and research around the topic areas and answers should be underpinned by relevant academic theories and literature.

Criteria for Assessment:

Introduction 5%
Evidence of understanding and application of topic area, theory, current research and knowledge when answering the case study questions 40%
Evidence of critical thinking, evaluation and analysis. 30%
Formulation of appropriate conclusions 10%
Evidence of skills development in a number of areas e.g. written communication skills, academic writing, research skills, IT application, presentation and referencing. 15%