Rom the business idea (will upload the file), create a hybrid of ideas or compile a new idea then, document how the business model works and why.

This is the business model report. A business model is the conceptual and architectural implementation of a business strategy.

The 4 components of a business model:
The customer (target customer, distribution channel, customer relationship)

The firm (core resources and competencies, key processes, partner network)

The value proposition bridges the gap between the firm and the customer (job to be done and offering)

Profit formula (revenue streams, cost structure, margin model)

Finally, the report should include a comprehensive market research with both primary and secondary data creates the foundation for a successful business venture.

Information gathered from market research will help guide you in choosing between a resource-based strategy views or market -led strategy views.

Blue ocean strategy is a new strategy approach that deviates from the militaristic and generic corporate approaches.

Please follow all these guideline above and the business idea from file .doc to write a business model report.