Rom the perspective of an Operations Manager, present a case to the board of directors for adoption of a formal risk management process.a?

The assignment brief is to discuss following research question:
a?In an increasingly dynamic environment, strategic management of risk has become a critical competency for organisations. From the perspective of an Operations Manager, present a case to the board of directors for adoption of a formal risk management process.a?

Report Brief

a? This dissertation is about presenting a case to the board of directors for implementing a formal Risk management Process
a? Matching text to any sources has a limit of 10% overall a the report will be scanned by the university
a? Use Journals, Articles, Books, statistics (if needed), use Emerald, Risk management Journals
a? Use Harvard Referencing Only
a? DO NOT just paraphrase/copy/quote case studies/examples/articles etc create your own arguments backed by evidence
a? DO NOT create a questionnaire, this dissertation is based on a?secondary researcha?
a? Avoid repetition of words, references etc
a? Include tables, graphs, diagrams, illustrations
a? DO NOT use any direct quotes in the text
a? Have supporting material as appendices (tables, charts, stats that you did not use directly in the text)
a? MAKE SURE that the word count is 12,000 words +/5% only EXCLUDING: References, bibliography, appendices, and table of content
a? The language used should be that of a master degree student a not of a professional writer

Marking criteria
Knowledge and Understanding
a? Should be able to autonomously analyse new and/or abstract data and situations using a wide range of techniques appropriate to the discipline(s) and to his/her own research or advanced scholarship

a? Should be able to demonstrate a depth of knowledge and a systematic understanding of his/her discipline(s), across specialist and applied areas, and be critically aware of and deal with complexity, gaps and contradictions in the current knowledge base with confidence

The student provides a comprehensive answer that shows a clear understanding of the breadth of the issues involved. The answer demonstrates the studentas ability to provide a balanced response taking account of disparity and differences in the secondary data. The answer clearly supports a view that the student has mastery over the subject matter.

a? Should be able to autonomously synthesise information and ideas and propose new hypotheses, create original responses to problems that expand or redefine existing knowledge or develop new approaches to changing situations

A well constructed piece of work which clearly demonstrates the studentas ability to synthesise complex arguments and to use the data to come up with novel solutions. It has a logical flow and The work will be well argued and the conclusions will follow naturally from the evidence presented. No doubt will be left in the readeras mind as to their validity.

a? Should be able to independently evaluate current research, advanced scholarship and associated methodologies and appropriately justify the work of self and others

The answer demonstrates the ability to deal with data from a wide variety of sources with a clear understanding of its relative value. There is clear evidence of the studentas ability to critically evaluate ideas and sources. Referencing is full and accurate