Rom the topic a?importance of early childhood educationa?

From the topic a?importance of early childhood educationa? for your argument essay and use prewriting strategies (free writing, mapping, clustering, brainstorming) to explore a specific issue related to it. Develop a thesis statement and supporting points for your essayas content. Consider your purpose as you plan your essay. The purpose of your essay may be to evaluate, to solve a problem, to analyze causes and effects, or to argue a disputable fact.
Write a paragraph explaining your use of different prewriting strategies to plan your IP 1. Identify the specific prewriting strategies you used and how each contributed to the development of your thesis statement and supporting ideas.
Post ideas from your prewriting in the following format:
2.Narrowed issue/problem
3.Thesis statement (specific argument claim)
4.Outline with three or more supporting arguments (main points)