Rom your reading and research in the course, identify and describe a a?best

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Assignment 2 Best Practice Critique Essay
Length: 2500
Topic: From your reading and research in the course, identify and describe a a?best
practicea model for one of the professional practices listed –
(a) Cross Cultural Communication
(b) Formulating and presenting business proposals
(c) Utilising advanced business pitch techniques
(d) Leading meetings
(e) Conducting interviews
(f) Conducting performance management
(g) Utilising mediation and negotiation
(h) Conducting personal development planning
Using relevant interpersonal communications concepts and theory, critically evaluate the worth of the selected model on the basis of your own experience of a specific instance of this interpersonal practice within your own professional context. From this evaluation, develop and justify improved best practice guidelines that could be used in your professional context, including how these guidelines could be feasibly implemented.
Assignment Two Marking Criteria
The second assignment asks you to critically examine the worth of a so called a?best practicea model in relation to a specific professional practice you have experienced. It does this by asking you to identify, describe and analyse your own experience of using the kinds of interpersonal skills necessary to the effective conduct of that practice. Further, it asks you to develop improved best practice guidelines that could be feasibly implemented within your context given the theoretical understandings outlined in the course topics 7-13. In this way, the assignment requires you to argue a case for the limitations of the a?best practicea model chosen and suggest practical ways in which these limitations could be overcome to improve the model.
Your essay will be assessed against the following criteria
a? Identification and explanation of selected a?best practicea model
a? Analysis of own experience against the model
a? Evaluation of the model as an effective indicator of best practice
a? Use of relevant interpersonal communications theory and concepts throughout to support and justify evaluation
a? Comprehensiveness and justification of best practice guidelines suggested as feasible within selected context
a? Quality of argument advanced in terms of structure, cohesion, coherence, language use and
referenced support. Marking sheets that outline the different weightings of these criteria and standards descriptors for each level of assessment will be made available on the course site at learninggriffith. Ensure you check them before and during the writing of your paper.
Please check the course site regularly for this and other important information about the course.

Return of Assessment Items
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Notification of Availability of Feedback on Assessment
Feedback in the form of written comments and suggestions is provided with your returned assignment so that you may become aware of how well you understand the concepts addressed in the course, your presentation of this understanding against the task requirements and criteria and to identify any areas that might need improvement. If you require any further clarification on the comments and suggestions given in the written feedback or guidance on issues of concern, please contact the relevant teaching team member in the first instance within one week of receipt of your assignment to discuss any issues arising.