Ross Cultural Communication: Critical Engagement Paper

The name of the class is: Cross Cultural-Communication”.

In this paper, you will select a theory we have learned up to that point, and you will engage the theory using other theories and examples. I expect high level of engagement, critique and with well thought and coherent ideas (8a 10 pages).

The purpose of this a?critical engagement papera is to show off your theoretical
knowledge and your prowess of logic as well as abstract thought. Find a theory,
and then criticize it. Here is a step by step guide:

1. Find a theory that you think has logical or theoretical/practical flaw(s).

2. Explain the theory in detaila kind of like you did for second paper. Go to more detail
if you can.

3. Tell me what do you think is the problem with this theory.

4. Tell me why that is a problem (explain)

5. Are there other theories that fix that problem? In other words, are there other
theories that kind of say the same thing, but say it better?

6. Why and how do they say it better?

7. If there were no other theories that say it better, how would you say it better?

8. Sum and conclude

Here are the theories that we have studied in class:

-Third culture kids
-Multicultural persons
-Conflict and culture
-Culture Shock
-Reverse culture Shock
-Culture programing
-Cross cultural adaptation
-Cultural structural violence
-Culture reloaded
-Culture revolutions
-Cultural Hegemony