Ross Cultural Issues in International Business: China and its Leisure Industry

Youre a group of advisers to an existing company specialising in the leisure sector in a country of your choice. This company is currently assessing whether or not to target British people involved in leisure activities. As advisers you are asked to provide a detailed critical analysis comparing two cultures and to provide a detailed report on your findings. Based on your research make recommendations for each of the following:

1.) Assess whether this company should focus on attracting British people to the leisure activities provided in your country?

2.) Assess the composition of the management team in the provision of the companys leisure activities.

Support your argument with references to the available literature for each of the above, using appropriate models.

***Chosen Country: CHINA
***Chosen Leisure Industry: Theme Park
***For Task 2: Composition of the Management Team is divided to Human Resource, Finance, Marketing and overall Management of our assumed company.