Ross Cultural Issues in Tourism & Hospitality

Individual Assessment:
How important is it for the Tourism and Hospitality industry to understand the differences in cultures?

Examine two different cultures and describe the differences in social behaviour of each of these cultures.

Discuss how these differences would impact on the Tourism and Hospitality services they would provide to each other. Your answer will be based on theory from researching the suggested texts and lecture notes for this unit.

Choose 3 theory to write this essay such as:
1. Power Distance
2. Individualism and Collectivism
3. Uncertainty Avoidance
4. Masculinity and Femininity
5. Confucian Dynamism (LTO)

Criteria: The assessment will be marked using the Marking Criteria below.

A well researched and presented assignment will be presented in the following manner.

Marking Criteria Mark Comments

Introduction a Background, thesis statement and outline.


Differences in social behaviour of chosen cultures

Relevance to Tourism and Hospitality industry

Clarity, accuracy and relevancy of your observations and comparison with theory studied in this course.



Conclusion: Summary of main points and final comment /20%

Format and Presentation a comprising:
a? Appropriate essay format and structure with professional layout and concise and informative presentation
a? Accurate spelling and grammar
a? Appropriate references. Use of the Author-Date referencing format followed




Total /100%
Assessment return:
a? This assessment should be returned within 2 weeks of the date of submission.
a? Feedback will be given with the assignment including an indicative grade range.
Final Grade/Mark: Overall Comments:

Signature of Unit Co-ord
Date: / /

Signature of Second marker (as required)
Date: / /

OUTCOMES: What outcomes are being assessed
a) Acknowledge and describe the complexity and diversity of different cultures
b) Accept the multiplicity of worldviews which exist in the world
c) Demonstrate a deeper understanding of selected features of different cultures
d) Appreciate behaviours as they apply to the tourism industriese)