Ross cultural management in international business

Hi, there. This work still need to revise. Here are the suggestions. It is partly work.
About the task: 3000words cross cultrual management, Our tutor put up a new requirement as follows:

The assignment asks for you to undertake research into one other company to compare with the example I will provide in class (see attached PPT). So everyone studies that company but then provides their own counter example

I have attached the case the tutor provided and also together with the assessment doc. what you need yo do is to change one of the case stated in your previously paper, using the case attached, it is about the Carlos Ghosn and Nissan Company, The japanese company. I hope you could view the assessment file carefully and to do a revision. Thank you for your help

Ross cultural management in international business


i??Diversity has moved away from a nice-to-have, to a must-have for companies as a strategic business imperative.i??

i?? Critically analyse the above statement.
i?? Your essay should be based on two significant case studies (ideally MNCs from different countries/regions). (MNCs Multi-National Companies)
i?? You need to demonstrate a sound knowledge of the relevant academic literature/ theoretical concepts.
i?? You are required to do a Critical Comparative Analysis of the Cases in order to address the above statement.

i?? It should not be more than 3,000 words in total this word limit excludes title, contents page and references
i?? All sources should be properly referenced using the Harvard system

Learning Outcomes:

i?? Understand the concept of Diversity management.

i?? Understand, explain and critically analyze the Global realities and complexities and also Cross i?? cultural communication strategies.

i?? Understand, explain, critically analyze and evaluate Organizational Culture and Organizational Change.


i?? Title / Cover Page
i?? Contents Page
i?? Introduction (Up to you, how you want to start but this section must include the structure of
your essay)

i?? Main Body i?? this section should have adequate and relevant subheadings as per your
individual structure.
– Appropriate academic theories with critique, relevant to the topic.
– This should be supported by your chosen case studies or vice versa.
– Please remember that you need to establish a comparative analysis where your critique will be the key aspect.

i?? Recommendation
i?? Conclusion.
i?? Reference
i?? Appendix

Word Limit excludes Title page, Contents page, Reference section and Appendix.


** Please do not make it a GLOBALISATION essay. It is definitely a cause/stimuli for diversity.

** Keep focused on the aspects of diversity in a work environment/multicultural work force and utilization of those by MNCs around the world.

** Focus on the transition of Diversity to become a strategic imperative and use the case studies to support the statement.

** Referencing is absolutely crucial i?? more journal references the better. Wikipedia and online tutorial sites are not acceptable.

** Try and concentrate on the whole company rather than the branches, when you choose your company. It will be beneficial.