Rost s  Birches and Carver s  Cathedral.

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here are the instructions for this essay:

Question #2: The focus of this essay is Frost s  Birches and Carver s  Cathedral. Each writer is interested in discovering and representing what he takes to be important equipment for living  i.e., some aspect of thought, perception, or feeling that helps us understand ourselves and the world in a richer or more productive way. With this general intention in mind, explain what Frost s speaker and Carver s  Bub each discovers to be necessary for a more genuine experience of selfhood and a more satisfactory engagement with the world. In Frost s case, your discussion should include an explanation of  birch swinging as a metaphor.

In Carver s case, your discussion should include an analysis of the story s final scene. A good approach to Carver s story is, like Melville s  Bartleby, to see the main character as its narrator, as someone who reveals his own nature in the process of describing other people and events. Since Robert calls the narrator  Bub at one point, we ll call him by that name. Notice Bub s preconceptions about blindness, his emotional distance from his wife, his jealously toward her first husband, his trivializing of his wife s special friendship with Robert, his isolation, and his utter inability to imagine how people can lovingly  see each other many different ways. Then, notice how Bub s attitudes and behavior gradually change during the course of Robert s visit. This will help you explain where Bub, with Robert s help, finally arrives at the story s end.