Rounded Theory Project Respectful Interaction

This builds on my previous ethnographic analysis by analyzing relevant interview data. After analyzing 37 interviews I developed the following reoccurring codes:

1. Expectations to receive the same treatment back
2. ** Active Listening
3. Show respect regardless of the situation
4. ** R.I. is a choice (respectful or rude)
5. ** Family background & different cultures is a factor (respectful Interaction is different throughout the world).
6. ** Understanding others point of view & other cultures.
7. ** Treat others others how you would like to be treated
8. ** Equal cooperation from both parties
9. ** R.I. is a skill set that needs to be practiced
10. Higher the status, the more respect

I need to develop four themes, Ive attached a list of themes that should relate to the codes. Ive also attached the Grounded Theory Instructions and the ethnographic analysis that I wrote, which connects to this paper. Since I need to include excerpts from the interview transcripts, I have attached a couple of interviews that support the themes.

The * represents the most common reoccurring codes I found in the interview transcripts.