Roundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies.”

Once you have read the book, write up your report. It should be no less than two pages long and no longer than three. It should be typed and double-spaced in no smaller than 10 point type. At the top of the first page please provide your name, date and J110. Use the title of the book as the title for your paper, and Include name of the book, name of the author(s) and year of publication in the first paragraph. Staple the report and include page numbers and your name in the header or footer of pages 2 and 3.

Your report must be written as an essay and must address each question/item listed below. Part of your grade will be based on whether and how well you follow these directions.
What are the major points that the author(s) make in this book?
Has the media environment changed since publication of the book? If so, how?
Do you agree with the author(s)? Why or why not?
Do your think this book was relevant for this course? Why or why not? (Itas OK to say a?no.a? Just be sure to offer a cogent explanation.)

As in any journalism course, all the usual rules of good grammar, organization and style apply.