Roup A: The Nixon-Kissinger Years, Group B: The Carter Years

U.S. Foreign Policy From Vietnam to Reagan
Your assignment is to write fifteen critical, comparative analyses drawn from the topics listed below, five from group A, five from group B, and five from group C. Each paper must be three pages in length, double-spaced, with footnotes. You are to compare the views of your instructor with those of two other authors of your choice. Turn in Group A papers one week after the lecture on the Nixon-Kissinger legacy, Group B papers one week after the lecture on Carter s legacy, and Group C papers on week after classes end.

Group A: The Nixon-Kissinger Years

-Explain the crisis of containment and President s Nixon s response to it.
-Compare U.S. and Soviet arms control strategy (SALT I and the ABM treaty).
-Compare the strategic views of Nixon and Kissinger, with particular reference to the Soviet Union and China.
-Compare American and Soviet policy in the Middle East.
-Evaluate American and Soviet policy in the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971.
-Compare Nixon and Kissinger on the endgame in Vietnam.
-Discuss the Watergate scandal and its relationship to U.S. foreign policy.
-Compare Kissinger s New World Order with Nixon s Containment.
-Evaluate Kissinger s policy toward Israel during and after the Yom Kippur War.
-Evaluate Kissinger s policy and purpose in Angola.
-Assess the impact of the strategy of détente.
-Assess the Nixon-Kissinger legacy foreign and domestic policy.

Group B: The Carter Years

-Evaluate the significance of Moscow s 1977 strategic weapons breakthrough on American strategy.
-Analyze Carter s arms control strategy (the  comprehensive proposal and SALT II).
-Compare the strategic views of Vance and Brzezinski.
-Evaluate Carter s policy toward Western Europe, 1977-1979.
-Evaluate Carter s policy toward Asia: Japan, Korean troop withdrawal, and normalization of relations with China.
-Evaluate Carter s policy toward the Middle East: the breakthrough to Camp David and after.
-Assess the change in Carter s attitude and policy toward the Soviet Union.
-Examine the significance of the  Soviet brigade in Cuba.
-Evaluate Carter s policy toward Nicaragua.
-Evaluate Carter s policy toward Iran: the fall of the Shah, American hostages, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
-Assess the oil crisis of 1979.
-Evaluate the impact of the multiple crises of 1980 on Carter s reelection bid.
-Assess the Carter legacy: the strategy of détente, U.S.-Soviet strategic balance, achievements, failures.

*These are all the topics. Just pick 5 from each group that you find easiest to complete. Please use both references of the two authors authors in all paragraphs except for conclusions. As for my professors views, his views are very conservative so please incorporate his conservative views in all paragraphs other than the conclusion. Times New Roman is required. This should be 30 pages in 10 separate papers. Please have the footnotes where needed and include bibliography as well. Please have completed and emailed to me by 12pm March 23rd. If this turns out successful I plan on using this service for the remainder of my college years. Call my cell when any problems are encountered or email because I check regularly.