Roup Assignment for Internatinal BusinessCase 1 Assessing IB opportunities and risks


I would like writer 14507, do respond to this ; the same writer that completed Order 235677.

Please note , this response is part of a group assement…please refer to group assessment word document. Each of us have divided the assignment as follows (500 words each for each section):

Person 1) Introduction, conclusion, formatting and responsibility for handing in assignment
Person 2) Assessing IB opportunities and risks (Pestel Analysis, Market Potential Index etc)
Person 3) Internationalisation Market Entry Strategies
Person 4) Managing IB Strategy and Structure Strategic Planning & Process
Person 5) People issues in International Business

Im am person 2 and have been given the responsibility of doing the section Assessing IB opportunities and riskfor case 1 KFC in IndiaEthical issues. Please refer to study guide topic 3 (0rder235677), which covers this section. Its important that you use this informatin in topic 3 as a basis of what is required (ie use all appropriate models , and assess risks) , and follow exactly whats been reccommended as part of the assessment document. As well attach the assement word document, as well as the case pdf. Note, the case will, have questions at the end of document.. the purpose of this assignment is not to answer those questins, as stated, otherwise it would be too easy:) impt to focus on topic 3 of the study guide for this part of the assesment.

Thank you