Roup Assignment i??Project Goals and Purposei??

The purpose of this paper is to provide a subsection of an overall paper. My section is: i??Project Goals and Purposei??. This section needs to be 250 words.

Objective of this paper Provide a clear statement of primary purpose of the project as well as any secondary objectives. This should include a problem statement or a description of the OB topic that the team examined.

Based on the statement by John Diana i??You can never preserve a culture; what you can preserve are your values and your values can drive what you do Source: atlassian_australia_best_place_to_KMEEYtOaoxEFnhWsocHfRM i??

Two separate messages will follow
1. With more details on the outline of this section
This will outline the layout of the section and the required references
2. This section message will contain a series of journal articles which you can use for this section.