Roup Business Project Report for MANAGEMENT

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7.2.2 Item 2
Item 2 (a) Group Business Project Report (20%)
You will be part of a group of three or four required to take on the role of a business strategy consulting team. You have been employed by SEC Ltd, a well-established South Korean LCD Television Manufacturing Company (with adequate financial resources) that specialises in the manufacture of LCD Televisions to utilise your research skills to make specific recommendations on their plan to compete in the LCD Television industry in Australia. In particular, the senior management of SEC Ltd. have requested the following:

1. Porter s Five Forces Model and Competitive Strategy: In order to compete successfully in the LCD Television industry in Australia, SEC Ltd needs to conduct an analysis of the industry context in which they would like to operate. Using Porter s Five Forces Model, provide a detailed analysis of the competitive nature of the Australian LCD TV industry and suggest an appropriate competitive strategy for SEC Ltd. to gain sustainable competitive advantage.

2. Hofstede s Cultural Dimensions: SEC Ltd is planning to employ a mixture of South Korean (from South Korea) and Australian (from Australia) managers and employees to run the operations in Australia. However, the senior management at SEC Ltd do not have an appropriate understanding of the Australian culture. Using your knowledge of Hofstede s cultural dimensions, identify the similarities and differences between South Korean and Australian culture and make recommendations on how the South Korean and Australian managers and employees can bridge the cultural gap.

NOTE: SEC Ltd is a FICTITIOUS organisation

Your assessment task is to write a report of no more than 2,500 words that analyses and answers the above focus questions. You are required to consult and fully reference at least SIX different sources of information (eg book, edited book, , journal article from the full-text databases, current affairs magazine, newspaper). references can contribute to a maximum of ONE-THIRD of the total number of reference sources utilised. The use of WIKIPEDIA online encyclopaedia is not allowed. Online academic databases such as Proquest DO NOT count as () internet references. You must use the Chicago referencing system to acknowledge your sources of information.

Your report must be concise, clear and well edited so that the senior management team at SEC Ltd can easily understand your recommendations. It must include an Executive Summary, Contents Page, Two Sub-Sections for the Focus Questions with relevant recommendations at the end of each sub-section, Conclusion and References. The 2,500 word limit includes all sections except the Executive Summary (maximum ONE page), Contents Page and the Reference List at the end of the report. The report must conform to the guidelines for written assessments detailed in your Management 100 unit outline. This assessment must also conform to rigorous academic standards, especially with regards to referencing. Furthermore, you are required to submit the minutes of group meetings held each week. A different group member must chair the meeting each week. The minutes will be handed to your tutor at the commencement of the following session.

Hint: Develop innovative and logical business practices/ideas.
Demonstrate wider research.
Use the Chicago referencing system to acknowledge your sources of information, both as in-text references and list of references.

Group Report SEC Ltd (from South Korea) specialising in the high end LCD televisions
Executive Summary (Heading)
A summary of the research findings, the recommendations and conclusion it is a Snapshotof the entire report. You need to
list problems identify and issues address in the report. Maximum is a page.
Table of Content (Heading)
Porters 5 forces:
1.0 THREAT OF NEW ENTRANTS (Heading) 1.1
Economies of scale (Sub-heading)
The more a company produces, the less their cost (raw materials etc)
1.2 Brand Loyalty (Sub-heading)
Are customers in the current domestic LCD TV market loyal/dedicated to their respective LCD TV companies. Are the
Australians loyal to a certain brand of LCD TV manufacturers?
1.3Capital requirements (Sub-heading)
How much does it cost to set up LCD TV manufacturing company in Australia? What are the costs
involved in setting up the operations?
1.4 Analysis Sub-heading
This section is where you will identify whether the threat is high/low for new competitors to enter the
Switching costs (Sub-heading)
Are there any costs (time/money?) involve in switching to another LCD TV providers?
2.2 Buyer loyalty (Sub-heading)
How dedicated/loyal people are to another LCD TV providers?
2.3Analysis (Sub-heading)
This section is where you will identify how easy it is for customers to switch to a different LCD TV
You need to identify who are the main customers for the domestic [Australia] LCD TV market is.
3.1 Number of customers in the market (Sub-heading) Is there a large
domestic demand for LCD TV?
3.2 Availability of substitutes (Sub-heading) this refers to SUBSTITUTE BUYERS
Are there any substitutes for CUSTOMERS? Which group of customers can the LCD TV provide to?
3.3 Analysis (Sub-heading)
This section analysis how much influence domestic customers have on the price of LCD TV in Australia.
You need to identify who are the suppliers for domestic [Australia] LCD TV (parts) manufacturing
4.1Degree of supplier concentration (Sub-heading)
How many suppliers are there and are they all in the same area/location?
4.2 Availability of substitute inputs (Sub-heading)
Are there any substitutes for the raw materials/input for manufacturing LCD TV?
4.3 Analysis (Sub-heading)
This section discusses how much power the suppliers have in the LCD TV manufacturing industry.
This section discusses the competition in the Australian LCD 1V manufacturing industry.
5.1 Industry growth rate (Sub-heading)
You may want to find past data on how the LCD 1V manufacturing industry is growing. How many
new LCD 1V manufacturers have entered/sprouted in the last couple of years?
5.2 Demand for product (Sub-heading)
Is there a demand for LCD 1V in Australia?
5.3 Analysis (Sub-heading)
This section discussed how intense the competition is between existing domestic LCD 1V
You should identify which competitive strategy you are recommending and provide reasons to justify
your choice:
” focus strategy
” differentiation strategy
” cost leadership
7.0 Hofstedes cultural dimensions:
Identify the Cultural dimensions of Australia and 5Ec;!efl (below are sub-headings)
7.1 Power distance
7.2 Uncertainty avoidance
7.3 Collectivism Vs individualism 7.4
Quality vs quantity of life 7.5 Time
8.0 Compare the differences between the two cultures
9.0 Recommendation
Analysis identify how the differences can be minimized/ overcome; provide suggestion and explain.
REPORT. This report is mainly about the APPUCATION of theory to the LCD 1V manufacturing
industry and the South Korean Culture. Therefore, you will not include definitions and explanations of
Do not use 1stperson stance!