Roup counseling Group organization plan

Create a group counseling organization plan that includes the following components:
Statement of purpose , setting, and specific target population, including why this population is appropriate for group counseling. The population is Geriatric group counseling focused on existential issues like death and death anxiety and the meaning of life but also grief counseling for lost loved ones.
-Brief explanation (2 paragraphs) of the theory of group counseling to be implemented in this group, why is this theory appropriate? the theory is existential counseling.
-explanation of how members will be chosen for group
-How will you market and advertise for the group (going into nursing homes)
-Specific leader skills necessary to run this type of group
-Session Plans 1-4 sessions plans detailing an objective for each session for this type of population
-each session should have an agenda
at least three sessions should include a group activity, which should be linked to the objective of the each session
-explanation of the check in and check out process
-explanation of the final activity to bring the group to an end
-Written informed consent form to be included on its own page.
-how will the members and leader evaluate the effectiveness of the group.