Roup Development Intro and Conclusion only

Hello: I want to make it clear that all I need written is the intro and conclusion to complete this team paper. All the body is already there. Below I will give the topic so you can write the intro as well as the conclusion. Possibly relate to the paper as well. I attached the paper so you can read what people have written for the body.

Note: I put as assignment because I dont need the essay written. Just intro. and conclusion. Thanks

Here is the topic:In a 1000 to 1500 word paper, identify the developmental stage of your learning team. Illustrate that identification by noting observable behavioral examples. Address how to move the team to a performing stage or how to maintain the team at the performing stage. How will the team know it is at the performing stage? What will be the observable behaviors? Incorporate the material from your team s charter (strengths/weaknesses, how to deal with conflict, etc.) to support your findings.