Roup discussion preparation!!! Topic: The problem of Evil

Please read the textbook Philosophical conversation by Robert M Martin page 49-56; online article found below.

Check out this website evil.html

These readings focus on philosophy of religion, specifically the problem of evil. Roughly the problem is this: If god is all powerful (omnipotent), all good (omni-benevolent), and all knowing (omniscient), how is it that there is apin and suffering int he world? Our aim will be to explore a theodicy a defense of the compatibility of these four features.

I will upload the documents that needed for the topic and the discussion.

Its better to be in point form. So I can memorize the answers and points easily. But it should be coherence. You mention the problem but also need support, argument, reason etc…

You dont have to write any thesis or introduction. Just get it straight to the points!!!