Roup Functions in Nursing and Healthcare

In this essay please use APA style, and the sources that are used must be from professional peer-reviewed medical/nursing publications no older than 2009. The assignment is as follows:
Human beings are social creatures who constantly interact with various groups (families, classmates, teammates, club members, members of work groups, committees, organizations, etc.). To some extent our existence, our quality of life and our ability to thrive and meet personal and collective goals depends on the strength and quality of our group affiliations. From cradle to grave, groups influence human beings. In the nursing and health profession the functions of groups is extremely important. Define and explain how each of the eight group functions is valuable to the healthcare team and the nursing team on an individual nursing unit. These group functions in nursing and healthcare include: socialization, support, task completion, camaraderie, informational, normative, empowerment and governance.