Roup Interaction in Nursing and Healthcare

In this essay please use APA style, and the source that is used must be from professional peer-reviewed medical/nursing publications no older than 2009. The assignment is as follows:
This essay discusses how nurses interact and are affected by groups. Conduct a literature search about group interactions and nurses. To help narrow your literature search, use keywords like: group functions and nursing, healthcare organizations, intergroup dynamics, negotiation and nursing, socialization, etc.
Then, I want you to think of a situation in any of your clinical nursing experiences in which you observed or could possibly observe a group dynamic/situation that exemplifies the main ideas of your literature search article. The situation can also be fictional for what you might experience in your clinical setting related to what you find on your literature search.

For example, I searched for a?socializationa? & a?nursesa?. I did this and I found an article about how new nurses are socialized on their units. The article described how nurse educators need to be more supportive of these new nurses since they often felt lost and unsupported. I would then discuss a clinical situation that exemplifies this situation. You could talk about how you had a newer nurse as one of your preceptors at clinical rotation and how they had discussed that they felt their orientation process could have been improved because they felt unprepared for Code Blue and other emergency situations. Of course, you would go into further detail than the above example, but this would be your basic framework.
In summation, you are expected to:
1) Find an article that describes some sort of nursing/group interaction
2) Describe a clinical nursing situation you have observed or could possibly observe inyour clinical rotation that is congruent with the article you found.